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Our mission is to honor the Western Michigan, WW II veteran by taking the veteran on an escorted round trip to Washington D.C., at “no charge” to the veteran.  They will view the WW II Memorial and other monuments that they have earned the right to see.  This trip will be conducted with emphases on safety, comfort, and enjoyment of the veteran.

On the Forms page you will find a nomination form for World War II veterans.  Korean War veterans are able to make this trip (subject to availability).  These veterans will NOT be charged to take part.

There is also a guardian volunteer form.  Guardians will take the trip and act as guides and companions to the WW II vets who go.  Guardians must provide their own $500 fee to cover expenses for the flight, bus tour of Washington D.C., shirts and meals.  Priority will be given to named guardians for specific veterans, though applications will also be taken for others who may want to accompany any at-large veteran.

WW II nominations and Guardian nominations must be accompanied by a signed indemnity form, which you will also find on the Forms page.

“If you want to volunteer to help in the Legends Flight organization, in fund raising, setting up the return home welcoming ceremony etc., there is a form for you as well, that can be found on the Forms page.  Any and all volunteer help will be appreciated.

DONATE:  If you have a veteran in your family, especially if it is someone you know or loved who served in World War II, you can honor that memory by making a donation to Legends Flight in that veteran’s name.

Not only will you honor the service of your veterans, you will also be honoring the brothers and sisters in arms who fought and won world wars on two fronts.  We are losing them at a rate of 900 per day.  Your donations will be greatly appreciated, and help us take as many of our local veterans to Washington as possible.

Checks need to be made out to:  West Michigan Veterans, Inc. Legends Flight.  A tax deductible receipt will be returned to you.  Please mail any inquiries, nominations, indemnity forms and checks to:    

Total Seats on Aircraft 162  – Seats still available 0 (Legends Flight is now taking new applications on a standby basis)

Confirmed Vets Reserved 96 

Confirmed Guardians and Support Personnel 66

Legends Flight
2081 Deerwood Drive
Twin Lake, MI  49457
28 comments on “Welcome to the Legends Flight Website.
  1. Jo-el Freeman-tenbrink says:

    Would like to honor my father
    Richard T Freeman
    Korean war vet.
    How do I aply..and what about his medical issue? What do we need to do to make sure his med is taking when need or if anything goes wrong.
    His daughter.

    • Steve Allen says:

      Jo-El – As part of of your Father’s application, there is a section that asks what medications he is taking and at what intervals. As part of the responsibilities of the guardian, that would accompany your Father, they would know this and insure that the medication was taken as prescribed. In addition there will be 2 medical personnel joining us and will be available if needed.

      • Charles w Carson says:

        I went on a Honor Flight to the ww2 memorial out of Escvznzba last fall Would I still be eligible for this flight>

        • Admin says:

          Charles – First off thanks for your honesty. Yes you would be eligible to take the flight but as you told me on the telephone if another veteran who has not seen it should have the first priority. What I would like you to do is to complete the application and indemnity form and note on it that you would like a seat based on a seat availability because this would be your second trip. Once again thank you and thanks for your service.

    • Judy Fischer says:

      Hi Steve,
      I was able to talk to four of the Veterans Fri. night, including the Commander. They will be having their Board meeting this week and will make a decision then. The few that I talked to are on board with this trip and I think they know of 3 Veterans from G.H. post are thinking of going. I would like to get on the agenda for the Aux. meeting the fourth Tue. of this month and present the program to them and see about a donation. I will let you know about that. If you need help with mailings,phone call
      or what ever, let me know. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing. Proud of you!!! Judy

      • Admin says:

        Hi Judy – Thanks you for your interest and kind words. It is just something that we need to do for these WW II heroes. If you would like for me to come to your meeting (assuming that I am available) I would be pleased to give your auxiliary my 5 minute presentation on why we are doing this and how we plan on orchestrating the event. I may need you help in the future so stand by.

        • Admin says:

          Hi Again Judy – I just checked my schedule and unfortunately I am scheduled to go to the Red Cross in Holland on the evening of the 22nd. If you can arrange another time I will be pleased to be there.

  2. Hey, everybody, we’ll be having a live chat about the Legends Flight at 11:30 a.m. today at http://www.mlive.com/muskegon/

    Dave Eling and Legends Flight committee chairman Steve Allen will participate in an MLive.com live chat at 11:30 a.m. today, March 12 to answer reader’s questions and give more details about the project.

    Please join us to ask them your questions!

  3. Mark Barbrick says:

    How many seats are available on the plane? Thanx, Mark

    • Admin says:

      Mark – The seating capacity of the aircraft is 162 passengers. However you may have noted that depending on the status of the veteran they will be accompanied by a guardian. So if the veteran is fairly mobile the maximum ratio
      would be 2 veterans to 1 guardian. But if the veteran requires a wheelchair it would be 1 veteran to 1 guardian. This translate into a best case scenario of having 108 veterans (all being mobile) with 54 guardians and a worse case scenario of 81 veterans (all requiring wheelchairs)and 81 guardians. I hope this answers your questions.

  4. Mark Jastrzembski says:

    My father is 90 years old, WWII in New Guinea. Was wondering what day or days are possible. He had dialysis MWF. Is in wheel chair.

    • Admin says:

      Mark – Is your Father one of the Ghost Mountain Boys? The good news is that we will be flying on October 9th which is a Thursday and are tentatively scheduled to leave Muskegon at 5:45 am and return the same day at approximately 8:00 pm. And so that should not effect his dialysis schedule. In regards to wheelchairs that is no problem either. The buses that we have reserved in Wahington D.C. are handicap accessable. We would be honored to have your Father with us.

      • Mark Jastrzembski says:

        Excellent. Count my dad in. He is currently contacting some of his buddies from Ghost Mountain Boys to determine interest and availability.

        I more than likely will also be going so I will download the forms to sign on.

        • Admin says:

          Mark – That is great and look forward to seeing him on the flight. Tell your Dad that I will guarantee that I will not make any of the Ghost Mountain Boys climb any mountains! I have talked to a lot of the members of that group and they have some incredible great stories.

  5. Sue Hershey says:

    Could you please let me know the deadline for filling out the applications for the WWII veterans to take the Legends flight? Thanks so much,
    Sue Hershey
    My father, Paul Hubbell, was a bombardier in WWII and will soon be 92 years old.

  6. Admin says:

    Sue – There is no deadline per se. We will be taking applications until the aircraft is filled and after that we will be making a list of veterans who we could not get on the aircraft for future flights if necessary. That being said, I think that it is safe in assuming that if you can get the application completed and sent in within the next couple of weeks he should be able to be on the October flight.

  7. Ron Byersmith says:

    What date are you scheduling this for ?

    Thank you.

    • Admin says:

      Ron – The flight is scheduled for Thursday October 9th, 2014. One of the reason that we are scheduling it for that day is that is the day that they perform the formal changing of the guard at Arlington and we consider that as a special event for our Veterans

      • Maury Erickson says:

        I would like to go on the trip

        • Admin says:

          Maury – We would be honored to have you on the flight and look forward to taking you with us. Please complete the application (both the Veteran application and the Indemnity form) and send it in. If you have any problems feel free to contact me.

  8. Jayne Drooger says:

    We would love to have my father go on the flight and he just expressed interest in going. I am thrilled but a little concerned about the date being so far in the future. Is there a reason it is not until Oct.? He is 92!!

    • Admin says:

      Jayne – We would absolutely love to have your Father join us. There are a couple of reasons that we chose October. First our committee was not even formed until the end of January and we have made great strides in a short amount of time. However we needed to have time to locate the WW II veterans and get them signed up as well as the guardians/escorts. We also have to go out and raise the funds to do this by asking for corporate and personal donations and put on fund raisers. (Note – the cost of the aircraft is $65K and we have other costs like buses, food, insurance, etc) Another important reason is that the heat in Washington DC between early June and September can be brutal and we do not want to subject these veterans to those conditions. We did pick Thursday Oct 9th because that is the formal changing of the guard at Arlington and it is a very somber experience. And while we would like your Father to join us there are a couple of Honor Flights that are leaving before us. There is one out of Kalamazoo that I think is leaving in late May and one out of Mecosta County that I believe is leaving in late June. While we are not associated with that group you may want to attempt to contact them and see if seats are available and if you feel your Father needs to go there earlier. Once again we would be thrilled to have your Father join us and if you have any further questions feel free to contact me.

  9. Jane Pearcy says:

    Hi Steve!

    Our uncle served in the Phillipines during WWII. He is a resident of Kent County. Would he be eligible for the trip?

    Jane (your neighbor, Dan’s sister)

    • Admin says:

      Hi Jane – Yes your uncle would be eligible to go with us and we would like for him to join us. While we are targeting veterans from Muskegon, Oceana and Ottawa Counties, we also recognize that there are veterans from the surrounding counties too. And we will not exclude them. Please have your uncle send in a completed application form and the indemnity form and we will get him on the plane. By the way don’t tell everyone that you are related to Dan or you are going to be in some big trouble! :)

  10. Jim Scheuerle says:

    Hi, my father-in-law (USN, Hickam Field 12-7-1941) lives in Metro Detroit. Is he eligible, or just W. Mich. vets? I’m in Norton Shores. Thanks.

    • Admin says:

      Jim – Yes he is eligible for the flight. As I stated in the previous reply we are targeting the Muskegon, Ottawa and Oceana Counties however all WW II veterans are eligible to travel with us. We would be honored if he joined us. Please go to the website and download the application and indemnity forms and have him complete them and send them in.

  11. Pam says:

    Is there a flight out of Muskegon on June 24?

    • Admin says:

      Pam – I am not positive on this but I think that June 24th flight in an Honor Flight which is being organized by Mid-Michigan Honor Flight out of Mecosta. They are flying out of Grand Rapids on that flight. You would have to check with them on that one. To my knowledge the only flight leaving out of Muskegon is the Legends Flight and that is not until October 9th, 2014.

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If you want to volunteer to help in the Legends Flight organization, in fund raising, setting up the return home welcoming ceremony, etc. there is a form for you to apply on the Forms Page. Any and all volunteer help will be appreciated.